Season 3

The 3rd Edition of I-Spell Challenge tagged i-Spell Season 3 took place on November 11th, 2016 at Ibom e-Library Conference Hall, Ibb Avenue, Uyo.

The competition started with a Vocabulary test (a Scripps National Spelling Bee requirement) which was compulsory for all spellers. It was presented in written format and considered as Round One before the spellers went on to spell their words orally in Round Two.

The oral spelling proceeded in rounds and spellers were eliminated until the last 6, last 4, and finally, the last 3 spellers were left standing. But it was Abigail Samuel Umoh of Maryland Prestigious Int’l School, Idoro Road who finally emerged as the Champion of Season 3! She and the first runner up, Future Iboro Robson, automatically qualified for the National Spelling Bee.

Prior to the state finals, orientation exercises were held at two locations – Ekpene Ukim, Uruan (30/9/16) and Uyo (8/10/16) – to expose both spellers and their coaches to spelling bee requirements.